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At Magnolia Curl Bar, our purpose is to empower you to create the curls of your dreams! Our non-judgmental safe space is aimed at replacing curl stigma and trauma with confidence and care. Our philosophy is based in equipping you with education, providing tranquility, and honoring the individuality and lived-experience of each crown of curls.


Education: Each appointment provides education on your individual and specific curl pattern. Curl education is a partnership between the client and stylist to partner as a team to: debunk hair myths, support the health of your hair, understand your hair’s characteristics to provide elevated  hair care, gain knowledge of proper ways to care for your hair outside of the salon. Clients are an active participant in each appointment and are encouraged to ask questions to ensure dream curls in-between appointments.


Tranquility: “Curl up and relax” is displayed proudly on our wall as an invitation rather than a statement. Gone are the days of being anxious about your hair being positively received at the salon. Let your hair down (literally) and indulge in this space created just for you.  


Honor: The health of your hair is our #1 priority. We will never jeopardize the integrity of your curls. Care is intentional for the delicacies of each curl, coil, and ringlet.

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