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Monique Bray
    Owner - Stylist 


Meet Monique


With 20 years behind the chair, Monique is a Master of Color and Curls and the owner of Magnolia Curl Bar. She is a forever student; investing in her own continuing education courses to better support her clientele with up-to-date practice and knowledge. A wife and mom of 3, Monique understands that hair is an investment. She is passionate about making every client feel seen, comfortable and engaged in the time spent with her. 


“Your hair is non-problematic, hair care can be simple, and conforming to society standards is not a requirement. Your hair is beautiful and welcome in it’s natural state.” Monique Bray


Erica Howard


Meet Erica


My desire to be a curl specialist really started around 2014, after i had my second daughter, whose head was also covered in curls like my first! Now i had two heads to do before my own. So I started running out of time to always straighten my hair. Embracing my curls, having daughters with each of us having different textures, I wanted to be able to manage of all of our hair tenderly and properly (unlike how I grew up).


I started with Devacurl as “devacut” certified stylist. Over the years I’ve trained with many curl specialists including Leysa Carrillo, Loni Jean, rebecca haehnle, Aaron Scott Lacey and with Cut It Kinkys master Aeleise. My approach from my extensive education and experience with curlies is that every single head is different, beautiful, delicate and should be treated as so. I am not a one type of haircut for every head stylist. I don’t cut every head the same way every-time. I like to identify what your current needs are and adapt from there. I have many techniques I combine to work to accomplish our goals.


I pride myself on my consultations. I like to be thorough and very clear before I even pick my scissors up. Sometimes I probably talk tooo much, giving too many options, but I wouldn’t be honoring my clients if Ididn’tConsults are where we get to know each other. I get to pick up on key words that you use, so that I can dissect all of those and come up with a solution.

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